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Buyer Resources

Thinking about buying your first property or need an update on the process? We are determined to help you answer all of your questions and lead you to fulfill your future real estate dreams.

Steps of Buying Journey

Review Priorities

Congratulations, you’re deciding on buying property! You may have a sense of what you need and want, but have you thought of everything? There are many factors to take into consideration and thinking about it can be outright difficult. This is when you will want to know your needs and wants with your future property dreams. If, you’re buying with another person, you’ll want to make sure your needs and wants are similar. Get started by filling out our home AJ&C Checklist!

Buyer Resources from Anthony Jennings and Crew Real Estate

Time to Shop

Buyer Resources from Anthony Jennings and Crew Real Estate

There are many resources to view current properties for sale. No matter where or what business that has the listing, our agents at Anthony Jennings & Crew are able to help you make an offer on it. Follow real estate social media pages, sign up for real estate email subscriptions, and keep up to date on Multiple Listing Service. To make it easier for you, we dedicated our website to perform searches for exactly what you want. Check it out here!

Find an Agent

There are numerous terms and conditions when making a deal on a property. An agent is there to guide and walk you through the process. To find the right agent for you, ask people close to you for any recommendations, research on the internet, find out who is ranked highest with reviews, and who has local expertise, good reputations, and quick responsiveness. Since you will be building a relationship with an agent, don’t be scared to ask questions about them. This doesn’t only help you get comfortable, it will build a relationship that will make your deal be quicker and smoother. Although, you will be confiding and depending on another person, you are still the decision maker. See more about our agents contact information and backgrounds here!

Buyer Resources from Anthony Jennings and Crew Real Estate

Select a Lender

Every mortgage lender is different, meaning you should research at least three different lenders. Know the three different types of lenders to find out exactly what you’re looking for. After your research, comes the time to choose the best lender to assist you with a loan that meets your needs. The loan will be a percentage of your income and what you’ll be willing to spend on a home.

Retail Banks

These will be your local banks. Using your primary bank will give you relief of having your information in one place. They will review your finances, offer fewer credit requirements, and offer low fees.

Mortgage Banks

Bankers here borrow or use their own funds to retain mortgages where they earn fees from the loan.

Credit Unions

These are customer-owned, nonprofit businesses. Considering, they aren’t for profit business, they usually offer lower fees. To apply for a loan with a credit union though, you must be a member.

View Homes

Buyer Resources from Anthony Jennings and Crew Real Estate

Now that you have an idea of what you want, your agent can correlate your wants with current listings on the market. Once you’ve become interested enough in a listing, it’s time to see the real deal! Seeing a home gives you better insight of the overall quality and reality of the home over only seeing photos. Viewing a home can help you map out and visualize it being your own.

Learn, Craft, and Submit Offer

An offer to purchase contract consists of many pages of different information. An agent is there to walk you through it, but it might be helpful knowing beforehand what some of that key information is. Once you know what you want, your agent will write the offer and submit it to the sellers.

Basic Info

There will be basic information regarding the property, such as the address location, purchase price, and fixtures included/not included. Having the correct information in these fields are important to the legality of becoming the true owner.

Earnest Money

Shows the seller(s) you are serious about buying their home. You will determine an amount you wish you prove your interest and will be delivered in the timeframe indicated on the offer.


Provisions in the contract can be selected by the buyer to protect both parties if anything turns out to be wrong with the property. Contingencies to consider are: inspection, radon test, financing, and appraisal.

Prepare for Negotiations

Although, we all want a clean easy process to buying property, a seller might decide to make a counteroffer. This will consist of new terms and will leave it up to you to decide whether to accept, make another counteroffer, or walk away. A counteroffer drafted by the buyers can be asking for a higher offer price, remove a contingency, or to add/remove a fixture. It is essential to act fast because someone else could have an offer that would be more appealing to the seller if you don’t respond quickly enough. If both parties accept, you have an accepted offer!

Buyer Resources from Anthony Jennings and Crew Real Estate

Work through Contingencies

After an accepted offer the next step is to satisfy any contingencies stated. The most common contingencies are:


There to ensure you’re getting a home that isn’t hiding anything. A home inspector will identify problems with the house, such as a leaky roof, cracks in foundation, defective plumbing, etc. An inspector will go through an outline covering any faults. If there is an issue, you are able to request the seller to repair the reasonable defect(s).


There to ensure you’re getting a home at the right value. An appraiser will determine an opinion of value based on age, condition, location, improvements, and comparable homes. If the appraiser’s value is higher, you will want to consult with your lender to see if you’re able to get a higher loan. If the appraiser’s value is lower, you’ll want to negotiate with the seller for a lower offer price. If the appraiser’s value is equal to your offer price, you’re good to move on!

Grand Finale-Closing!

Almost there!

Coming up to the closing, your lender will provide you a Closing Disclosure three days before your scheduled closing.  A closing disclosure form provides all the details about your loan, monthly payments, and others fees to get your mortgage. The reason to giving it to you three days before closing is for you to make sure there aren’t any discrepancies between the closing disclosure and loan estimate.

Next is the walk through of the property to ensure everything is working correctly. This walk through gives you the chance to check appliances, running water, fixtures included in the prices, etc. Hopefully everything is the way it should be, but if isn’t your agent will get a hold of the listing agent to get you compensation from the seller. The seller should pay for the cost of the problems needing to be fixed.

Now the time for signing loads of paperwork at the title company, getting your keys, and finally owning your new home!

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