Thank You Veterans!

“My Crew and I would like to to take this opportunity to thank our Veterans.

We all have many Veterans in our lives that were so grateful for, that have dedicated their service and time to our Country.

They’re all in our hearts, but we chose a few closest to us to acknowledge here.

Its especially a privilege to work with Vets on purchasing a home.”

In gratitude and peace,

-Anthony Jennings

We welcome you to stop in anytime to find out what assistance and options are available.

Many clients are shocked to find out that they qualify to purchase a house. We’ll guide you through the process and connect you with people like Sara Nelson from Apostle Islands Mortgage.

“Recently, I was surprised by a misconception about VA loans. Especially since VA loans are one of the greatest benefits of being a veteran!” explained Sara, “My client believed if he were ineligible to waive the funding fee, he’d be better off going FHA or another loan program. First, Veterans can can finance the funding fee so it won;t increase the cash you need to pay at closing. Second, Veterans receive some of the lowest rates available. So this client, even with a higher funding fee, ended up with a significantly lower monthly payment than a comparable FHA loan.”

Thank You Mark!

Mark joined the crew this year as the “Sign Guy” (a title he bestowed upon himself).

With over 250 listings he’s got quiet the job of keeping up with all of our signage.

Mark was born in Ashland and served three years in the Marine Corps. Captain Ledin then served in the Air Force for nine years.

The Crew really appreciated Mark’s sense of humor, work ethic and top-notch shenanigans. When asked why he thought he’d be a great “Sign Guy” his reply was “I like waving at people, have very good map skills, advance in chatting abilities, square dancing, polka, and like to crank rap music.”