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Rick Gruebele

Rick Grubele

Working as Captain Jennings First Mate, Rick has been assisting Anthony for years.

Shortly after moving to Washburn from the Twin Cities so his son could enroll in the excellent school system, Rick met Tony fishing at the coal dock and Tony immediately offered him a job. “We hit it off from the moment we met. We had so much in common and I was really impressed with Rick’s intelligence and integrity.” – Tony

Friends from the start not quite a year later Rick stood up in Tony’s wedding.

Ask Rick why he does what he does and his reply every time is, “I like helping people.” With a heart as big as the Big Lake, his favorite way to describe his mood is “Fabulous!”Dubbed “The Office Yoda” by a fellow crewmate, Rick knows everything, or he’ll find it out. He’s also known around the office as “Gator-Done” Gruebele. The gears in his mind translate to repairing the gears of his other hobbies which include a boat and snowmobile. He has a knack for nick-names and bestows them upon his fellow crewmates with ease.

A technology wizard, Rick is like “The Fonz” with computers, sometimes all he has to do is touch them and they suddenly start working correctly.

An avid fisherman, when not at the computer, you can find him on the Big Lake. Along with his love of fishing, he loves to learn and keep current on all things digital and social. Rick is certified in E-Pro (Advanced Digital Marketing), SRS (Sellers Representative Specialist) and PSA (Pricing Strategy Advisor).

Rick lives in Washburn “as close to the lake as he can get” with his wife, teenage son and their two dogs.