Warmth & Light

Were you one of the 41% percent of us that chose to “sleep in” this weekend (according to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.)

That extra hour of sleep is on the “house”.

Daylight Savings is a great time to change batteries in:

-Smoke Detectors

-Carbon Monoxide Detectors

-Your Dog and Cat (kidding, they’ll still get you up early)

-Head Lamps

-Update Outdoor Lighting

-Check Head Lights and Brake Lights on all vehicles

-Add reflectors on bikes & clothing

-Update Emergency Kits

A fireplace brings warmth & light to your home, especially in this season of darker evenings and cooler temps.

Cozy up to some of the many options we have to offer.

We have an Agent on duty from 8 am- 8 pm and we’ll still take your call if you forget to set your clocks back tonight!

Usually get 20 winks instead of 40?

For sleep deprived adults who want to get an extra hour of sleep when daylight saving time ends, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends the following tips:

-Wait to change your alarm clocks until it’s time for bed.

-Go to bed at your usual bedtime

-Just before getting into bed, set your clocks back one hour

-Wake up at your regular wake time, which will allow you one more hour of sleep.

-Take note on how much better you feel after an extra hour of sleep