A Coast to Coast Toast

      “Monday, September 30th we celebrated Anthony’s purchase of Apostle Islands Realty with an Open House. Food, live music, anchor cookies, a roaring fire-pit, apple-ritas (hard cider margarita, yum!), wonderful clients, friends, family and a toast that never happened (not the bread kind, the speech kind.) Those in attendance actually lucked out as they didn’t have to hear me ramble on and on… I had a toast prepared, but after one apple-rita I sort of forgot about it. And then when I did remember the timing didn’t seem right. I had thought about what to say for a while, what were the right words to say for an occasion like this one? Here’s the short version (you’re welcome.)”
      “After much contemplation I realized that my own “Tony Tale” was as good a fit for this occasion than the other stories I’ve witnessed over the last few years working for him. Tony was our agent when we moved up here. Completely new to the area and knowing no one, we met him and his “chauffer” Rick (now Office Manager) for a day packed full of house showings. We were really impressed when he handed us a packet of neatly organized information and all the listings we asked to see (and more!) A house just outside of Washburn spoke to us, he wrote up an offer and we ventured back home to Milwaukee to put our house up for sale. The next month sucked. Actually the next six months sucked, but especially the first month our house was for sale. We endured thirty-six showings in thirty days! I think there may have been only three days in the entire month that we didn’t have a showing. Tony was our rock throughout the process. After the first month of showings (and nearing a nervous break-down) I told Tony what was happening and his response was “I can’t imagine what you’re going through. That would be so difficult for anyone to experience, even a retired couple much less the two of you working full time and having a house full of animals!” Just having him listen and support us knowing that we may not get the chance to realize our dream of moving to Lake Superior was really comforting. We dropped the price on our house, endured five more showings in the next few days and received two offers. He constantly checked in with us reminding us of important deadlines, seeing how we were doing and listened to me complain about how overwhelmed I was and how exhausted we were. He even connected us with two of his family members when we had questions about the area. He helped to work out inspections, zoning issues, coordinate financing, contingencies, amendments and everything else the buying process entails from six hours away.
      On the day of our closing we barely finished packing and chasing our chickens around the yard to make it to our appointment in time. Then we drove six hours in eighty-five degree heat to Ashland. Me and ten chickens (windows down and air conditioning blaring) in our mini-van and my husband with two dogs and a car jam packed to the ceiling. As if it couldn’t get any worse…it did. On route we found out that we were no longer able to stay at the place we secured for the night. We met Tony at our new home for a walk-through but couldn’t stay there because we didn’t close until the next morning. Thinking we were going to end up sleeping in our van with the chickens and dogs Tony offered and opened his home to us!
      Continuing to support us as we made our home here, a year later he invited me to become part of his Crew. A Crew that now consists of eight people that are more like family than employees.
      This story is indicative of how he treats all his clients, being the “anchor” in their storm.
      So please raise your apple-rita, or coffee, or whatever you happen to have nearby that’s not too heavy and toast to Tony and this “Coast to Coast” partnership with Apostle Islands Realty!
      If you have a “Tony Tale” to tell please share it on his Facebook page.” – Michele Tegen, Cruise Director