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Listing Tip Number Three

Lights, camera, action


Here’s where you want your home to shine-literally! Turn on all the lights for listing photos and showings and open the window blinds to show off those sparkly clean windows from Listing Tip #1.


Say Cheese! Your home is now ready for its photo shoot. The majority of property search starts online so professional photos make a huge impact. “Professional photos have always been of the utmost importance in my real estate career. I’ve always ‘focused’ on making sure each listing looks its best the minute it hits the MLS. This is one of the reasons I invest in a Marketing Director to assist my agents with this process.” -Tony Jennings

3 most popular information sources home buyers use 93% online website 86% real estate agent 73% mobile/tablet site


It’s show time! Keep up the good work you’ve done from Tips #1 and Tips #2 and you’re ready to show your home.

Appeal to all the senses

Once your home is clean and decluttered, think about how you can engage potentials buyers though other senses”, Gibson suggests. “Play soft music during showings, or have a nice water feature outside if you live in a noisy neighborhood”, she says. “Soft throws and textured fabrics will warm up a space. Brewing fresh coffee and baking cookies makes your house smell great.” Excerpted from “No Second Chances: Our 7-Step Plan to Making a Dazzling First Impression on Buyers” By Wendy Heffenbaum,

Keep clear of harsh chemicals and scented products, especially scented air fresheners. Many people have aversions to these and they can create a negative experience. Sometimes it’s okay to incorporate an essential oil diffuser, but generally I recommend turning it off an hour or so before the showing.

It’s not always easy keeping your house in “ship shape” for days on end, but try to remember that the effort you put in now will pay off. Congratulate yourself for doing the work to get your home ready to sell and be gentle with yourself. You’ve done the best you can, now it’s time to work with your agent to find the next person that will make memories in that space just like you did.

-Michele Tegen, Marketing Director & Licensed Agent