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Another Paw-sibility!

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You might look at me and say, “Wow…Another black cat. How boring,” but trust me, I’m special. There are a lot of special things about me, so I created a list.
1) I have the most entrancing eyes. Wouldn’t you agree? They are downright amazing.
2) I am super food motivated, and I would do anything for a treat.
3) I sat for this picture (I’ll let you decide if it was luck or if a staff member was offering me a treat.)
4) I am a funny guy but am not arrogant about it. I just want to lay down and make you chuckle.
5) I have the fanciest white tipped tail. I left it out of the picture to give you a reason to come see me.
6) Sometimes my lip get caught on my teeth and I give people my weird smile
7) What? You haven’t applied for me yet?
My name is Bixby and I am a 5 year old male. I would thrive being the only pet.

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